Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bully Max frequent asked questions, Bully Max Information

Can I use Bully Max Supplements for Meaning and Nursing Dog?

Yes, This production is good and useful for meaning and nursing females.It will assist them keep a hefty weight as good as maintain ahealthy immune system.

Bully Max email that covers some of the petition asked questions about this product.

Hello, i let a English Bull Terrier - Pit bull mix, as you willprobably realize this is a unique mix/cross breed and we cherish himvery much.

His figure is Chaos.

He's 10 month's old and weigh's just under 24KG's so far. (pictures below) he is already turning heads when we are on walks. I get so many questions about his mix.He even has natural growth to come, going by both the breeds he comesfrom he will be a heavy, muscle dog for his size, but i am looking for asupplement to prevent him fit and intelligent but also help build him up to bemore thick and ripped. He's walked every day, plays in the garden in the afternoons like a crazed bull and on weekends I need him on a longer walk.
When he hits 18 months or so, I may try some pulling to make him up aswell. I give him twice a day, each meal is 200g's half is dry naturalfood and the former is made up of either tripe, hearts, chicken, lamb,liver or fish. mostly raw but he likes the liver cooked. my questionsare...

1. Do i let him fully grow before i hold him a postscript to do him bigger? No, you may use our product starting at 7 weeks of age.
2. will i see any deviation in his build/size/strength on his current exercise routine ? (with your supplement). Exercise is not needed in society to accomplish results, however it does increase the benefits.
3. I only add the addendum to his food but with above question will i give to do him more or for longer ? Our product comes in chewable flavored tablets, so you can make it to as you would a treat.
4. Will his personality change? i.e aggressive? less affectionate? No, Bully Max has no impression on a dog's temperament.
5. HOW Long do i set him on the supplement for ? How tenacious you use Bully Max is up to you. However, it is good to use all the time (Year round).
6. Do i give to contract the drug to defend him once his larger and fitter? One you achieve results, you can hold him on his normal workout everyday to maintain.
7. If i check the supplement say after 3 months, will this effect him in by that he will loose muscle size and become flabby/over weight ? No, the bulk of the people added will remain
8. How long roughly before i see any results from the beginning of adding the supplement ? Results are seen within 2-3 weeks.

i see your merchandise is a multi-vitamin that provides the buildingblocks for better faster muscle development and health, and that i need tokeep him alive to see desired results/effects of your product. but ifmy walking routine is not enough what do you propose to add to hisroutine. You can also use weight vests while running.

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